2017 Audi A6 Design And Engine Specification  

When it comes to talking about the 2017 audi a6, there are many people will talk mostly about the features of the car. Since its first appearance in 1994, audi a6 has been one of the most promising and successful car that Audi Motor had ever produced. This, in fact, has made Audi Motor to innovate the latest version of the car to fulfil people’s expectation of the car. So, are you interested to know a little bit more about the car? If you are, here is some information about the car that you might need to know.

 2017 Audi A6 Release Date

The 2017 audi a6 exterior and interior design

In term of the exterior design, it is easily expected to see that 2017 audi a6 will go through some changes. In fact, this has made this car have a quite different look to its predecessor. The car will have a bigger body to hold more engines. This way, the car will be able to produce more energy and boost the car’s performance. The same rule applies to the interior design of the car. The 2017 version of the car will have some new features, primarily related to the entertainment units and safety measures.

 2017 Audi A6 Interior

2017 audi a6 engine specifications

Another thing that you should know more about the car is that, 2017 audi a6 will have different set of engine. As what has been stated by the manufacturer, the car will hold semi-autonomous driving system which will make the car become more comfortable to drive on the road. The car will hold 4 liter V8 TDI turbo diesel engine which can produce up to 400 PS of power. The other variant of the car will also have 2 liter TSFI turbo petrol motor which can produce up to 122 PS of power. That is some information about the 2017 audi a6 that you might need to know.

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