2017 Honda Ridgeline Engine And Exterior Design

2017 honda ridgeline is probably the newest design of the pick-up cars that we will ever witness in the near future. Since this type of the car has been part of the developed country society’s life, this car will be predicted to be successful enough in those countries. Honda, as one of the biggest car manufacturer, is going to innovate the Honda Ridgeline series that it has ever produced some years earlier. The 2017 honda ridgeline will be a real example of how Honda perceive a pick-up cars should be designer. Here is some information that oyu might need to know if you are interested in this car.

 2017 Honda Ridgeline Review

2017 Honda Ridgeline : Engine And Specs

At first, we are taking a closer look at the engine and specification of the 2017 honda ridgeline. As we all have suspected, this car will take the previous engine as an inspiration for its engine specification. It means that 280hp with 3.5 L direct-injection V-6 will be considered as the main engine of the car. Another thing that we can conclude about this car’s possible engine specs is that, this car will be having a 9-speed automatic transmission as well on higher-trim design. This car will also have less flooring in its interior design. This is mainly because the design will be focused on how to provide large rear seat and in-bed trunk.

2017 Honda Ridgeline Interior

The Exterior Design Of The 2017 Honda Ridgeline

Speaking about the exterior design of the 2017 honda ridgeline, this car will resemble the Ridgeline Baja Race Truck exterior design afterall. Even so, the 2017 version will be more tradition with some features on its body design. For instance, some spilling bedsides will be attached in the body design. From the latest information about this car, the tailgate of the car will split into two parts with an upright line and Dutch Door design. That is some information about 2017 honda ridgeline that you might need to know.

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