2017 Toyota Prado Design And Engine Specs  

The launch of the 2017 toyota prado is something that many people have been waiting for. At least, in the last decade. Toyota prado is first launched in 1984 and it has been one of the most successful cars in many parts of the world. For this matter, toyota is now launching the newest version of the car to its customer. If you are interested in this car, here is some information about the car that you need to know.

 2017 Toyota Prado Change

The exterior and interior design of the 2017 toyota prado

If there is one thing about the 2017 toyota prado, that would be the fact that the car will be facing through some changes and improvements, both in terms of the exterior and interior design. In terms of the exterior design, the car will have a bigger yet slimmer car body with more stylish headlights and bumper. This way, the car will be having a more stylish look. In terms of the interior design, this car will have state of the art features, such as satellite navigation, internet connection, LCD touch screen, and safety measures. That is why, you are going to have a better driving experience when you enter this car. One more thing. The seating space will be much more spacious than the previous version of the car.

 2017 Toyota Prado Future

The engine of the 2017 toyota prado

When it comes to talking about the engine of the 2017 toyota prado, this car will get through some changes as well. First of all, the car will have a new engine, which is 2.9 liter turbodiesel engine with 175 horsepower. The same changes will also be applied to the petrol engine with total 280 horsepower. That is all. That is some information that you need to know about the latest version of the car, 2017 toyota prado.