The Design Of The 2017 Honda Accord Spirior

If you are a huge fan of the honda accord, then you will absolutely love 2017 honda accord spirior. At a glance, this car will be having the same platform that TLX will have, even though the final design will be different. The interior is quite similar to the TLX, for your information. However, the final result will be more like Accord car series. Regarding to the latest information, this car will be released in the American market in the fall of the 2016. Speaking about the price, this car will cost you around 27 thousand dollars. This price is way lower than the TLX car. So, are you interested in this car? If you are, take a look at some information below.

 2017 Honda Accord Spirior Review

The Exterior Design Of The 2017 Honda Accord Spirior

Let’s just the review from the exterior design of the 2017 honda accord spirior. As what you have expected, this car will have a very interesting and fresh exterior design. The design will be more aggressive, in fact, than the TLX design or even the normal Accord. This aggressive look will be supported by the triangular headlights and hexagonal grille in the exterior design. It is also worth noting to see the front bumper of the car which has small splitter and two air intakes. On the other hands, a grille is installed at the back of the bumper itself. This grille gets the diffuser and the dual exhaust system. It is also known that this car will be having a valve to support the car sound at high revs.

 2017 Honda Accord Spirior Interior

The Interior Design Of The 2017 Honda Accord Spirior

The interior design of 2017 honda accord spirior will much resemble the TLX car, even though there will be some features that copy the normal accord car interior design. One thing that Honda told us is that the material used in this car will be better in quality than the normal accord. Some materials are going to use, such as leather, wood, and aluminum in the interior design of this 2017 honda accord spirior.

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